Utility Bills:  Statements are sent out on the 15th of March, June, September, and December. 

For questions regarding your bill call 262-684-5479.

NEW WATER RATES EFFECTIVE 03/16/2024 - click here 


WATER RATES EFFECTIVE 03/16/2019 to 03/15/2024 -

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WATER (WTR) - Volume Charge 

Residential and Multi-Family: all water used = $5.25/1,000 gallons


  Gallons Used
Each Quarter
  Price Per
1,000 Gallons
First 60,000   $5.25
Over 60,000   $3.68

WATER (WTS)- Minimum Quarterly Service Charge (For larger size meters, please click on water rate link above)

5/8" meter   $24
3/4" meter   $24
1" meter   $45


SEWER (SWR) -Volume Charge = $8.99/1,000 gallons. 

SEWER (SWS) - Quarterly Service Charge for 5/8" & 3/4" meters = $97.96 (For larger size meters, please click on sewre rate link above).  

PUBLIC FIRE PROTECTION (PBF) - 5/8" and 3/4" meters = $43.32 (For larger size meters, please click on water rate link above)

Additional Meter Rental

Upon request, the utility shall furnish and install additional meters to water service customers for the purpose of measuring the volume of water used that is not discharged into the sanitary sewer system. The utility shall charge a meter installation charge of $55.00 and a quarterly rental fee for the use of this additional meter. Quarterly additional meter rental charges for a 3/4 inch or smaller meter is $12. For larger meters please check water rates.

Summer Sewer Irrigation Credit

A reduction is applied on the 2nd and 3rd quarters of the sewer bill.  This reduction is referred to as the "Summer Credit."  The Summer Credit takes into consideration that not all of the residential water consumed in the billing months, March 9 - September 9, enter the wastewater treatment system due to residents watering lawns and washing cars.  The summer credit, for sewer, is calculated by averaging the water consumption in the 4th quarter of the previous year and the 1st quarter of the current year plus 10%.  This calculation is then multiplied by the Sewer Volume Charge to compute the Summer Irrigation Allowance.

The 1st and 4th quarter sewer bills will not receive the Residential Summer Irrigation Allowance (Summer Credit).  Sewer calculations for these billing periods will be based on water consumption.

Summer Irrigation Allowance Example: If you used 13,000 gallons in the 4th billing quarter and 14,000 gallons in the 1st billing quarter, your average is 13,500 gallons (13,000 + 14,000 / 2 = 13,500).  Then multiply 13,500 x 10% = 1,350 + 13,500 = 14,850 gallons is your Summer Irrigation Allowance.

Sample Bill: For a home during the 2nd quarter that used 17,000 gallons.  You would be billed for 17,000 gallons of water usage and for 14,850 gallons of sewer usage.  See the breakout below.

Water - Volume =   17 x $5.25   =$89.25 
Water - Service         =$24.00
Sewer - Volume =   14.85 x$8.99    =$133.50
Sewer - Service           =$97.96 
Public Fire Protection         =$43.32
TOTAL        =$388.03


* Failure to receive a bill does not exempt customers from late payment penalties. The late payment charge is applicable to all customers. If you do not receive your bill within five (5) days of normal delivery, please call 262-684-5479.