Pilot Information

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Communication Frequencies
CTAFUnicomApproach (Milwaukee)LightsGround Communications Outlet
123.0 123.0 125.35 123.0 121.725


Navigation Frequencies
Nav TypeIDFrequencyBearingDist NM
VORTAC BAE (Badger) 116.4 189 19.6


Runways and Lighting
08/26 Asphalt 3900 x 75 REIL PAPI(08) See Noise Abatement below
18/36 Turf 2400 x 150 None Closed in Winter


Nearest Automated Weather
Burlington,WI BUU 114.5 156 deg - 7 miles (262)757-0907


TRAFFIC PATTERNS: Left hand traffic patterns on all runways.

NOISE ABATEMENT: Avoid flight over village to the west and northwest of the airport. When departing runway 26 - Turn left and follow Interstate 43 southwest until south of village.

The Ground Communications Outlet is a transceiver linked to a phone line.  It allows pilots communication with the Green Bay FAA Flight Service Station or Milwaukee ATC.  While on the ground, the pilot can now check weather, open or close a flight plan and get a clearance out of the airport for IFR flight .

To use the GCO - Tune your radio to 121.725 and click your microphone 4 times for Milwaukee Approach or 6 times for the Green Bay Flight Service Station.  You will hear a telephone dialer and be connected with the service.  Once connected communicate as if you were on a normal radio frequency and click your microphone at least once every 30 seconds to maintain the connection. (This frequency is the same at all GCO's in Wisconsin.)