Where is the Village of East Troy Police Department? The Village of East Troy Police Department is located in the Village of East Troy Municipal Building at 2015 Energy Drive in East Troy, Wisconsin.

What number do I contact the Police Department for a non-emergency situation? For non-emergency calls please call 262-642-6250 and a clerk will take the necessary information and send a police officer to speak with you.

For Emergencies: Call 9-1-1

Is the Village of East Troy Police and Town of East Troy Police the same? No. The Town of East Troy Police Department is a separate agency for matters that occur in the township. If your mailing address starts with north, south, or west then you are most likely NOT located in the Village of East Troy and would need to call the Town of East Troy Police at 262-642-3700 or the Walworth County Sheriff’s Office for the Town of Troy at 262-741-4400.

When is the Village of East Troy Police Department open?  

The Village of East Troy Police Department Administrative Office is staffed Monday through Friday: 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. - Offices will be closed for holidays .

Police officers are on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year.  You can reach an officer by calling the police department non-emergency number 262-642-6250. The number will be answered at the police department during normal business hours and after 1:00 p.m. it will be answered by a Walworth County Sheriff’s Office Dispatcher.  All Village of East Troy Police Officers have email addresses which are located on the Village of East Troy website www.easttroywi.gov under Police Department.  This is the best way to contact an officer for questions regarding cases.

Can I pay for my traffic or municipal citation at the police department?  No. We do not accept payments for traffic or municipal citations which have been issued to you.  These payments are only accepted by the Clerk of Court on the court side of the Municipal Building.  Payments may be made in person, in the drop box located at the southeast corner of the building, by mail (2015 Energy Dr.) or with a credit or debit card.  Click here or call 888-604-7888 and use Pay Location Code 6401.  Please be advised that there will be a service fee assessed - 3.5% for Internet payments (min. $3.50) and 4.75% for Phone payments (min. $5.00).  Please note that payments cannot be made at the Police Department.

I received a parking ticket, where do I pay? All parking ticket payments can be made during normal office hours in person at the Village of East Troy Police Department. The fine can also be mailed to the Village of East Troy Police Department or dropped into our silver payment box located in front of the Municipal Building.  We accept cash or checks payable to The Village of East Troy. We do not make change so please bring the exact amount. Weekend payments should be placed into the box or mailed.  Please do not mail cash. We will use the postmark on the envelope as the day payment is received.  It is important to take care of your parking tickets on time.  After 5 days (not business) your fine will increase by $10.00.  If you fail to make payment after 12 days your fine will be increased another $5.00 for a total of $15.00.  After 28 days your vehicle’s license plates will be suspended with a total fine due of $40.00.

What are the curfew hours in the Village of East Troy? Section 318+1(a) of the Village of East Troy Ordinances makes it unlawful for any juvenile under the age of 18 to be on the street or in any public place without a parent or legal guardian between the hours of 11:00 P.M. and 6:00 A.M. the next day.

Will police officers give presentations if requested? Yes, a police officer will give informational presentations if requested. Please contact the Chief of Police of Deputy Chief at 262-642-6250 to set up a presentation.

Do police have to allow 5 miles over the posted speed limit before they can write a ticket? No. The Wisconsin Statute reads no person shall drive a vehicle in excess of any speed limit established pursuant to law by state or local authorities and indicated by official signs.  As a reminder the speed limit posted takes effect as soon as you are at the sign and not before.

How can I find out if a registered sex offender is living in my area?  Information on registered sex offenders can be obtained at the Wisconsin Registered Sex Offender Website. The site is maintained by the Wisconsin Department of Corrections.  You may search using the offender’s name (if known) or by entering your zip code.  http://appsdoc.wi.gov/public

Will an officer open my vehicle if I lock my keys in it? A Village of East Troy Police Officer will attempt to unlock your car. Unfortunately due to the potential liability which this causes other departments to stop providing this service, you will have to read and sign a waiver of liability prior to an officer attempting to open your vehicle for you.  If the officer can’t get the vehicle open the officer will assist you in contacting a locksmith for you.  Any expense for the services of the locksmith will be your responsibility.

Where can I find information about registering my car? Renewing my driver’s license? Suspensions of my license or vehicle registration?  Wisconsin Department of Transportation website. We do not carry DOT forms at our police department.  Many of these forms are listed on the DOT website listed here:  https://wisconsindot.gov/Pages/home.aspx

Will a police officer handle or catch a bat, raccoon, woodchuck, gopher, snake or other animal/reptile issue at my home? A police officer will respond if an animal/reptile appears rabid or is endangering the safety of a person. You may have to call an exterminator to see if they will handle any other animal/reptile issue you are having.  We are familiar with Kettle Moraine Pest Control at 262-965-5979 that responds to animal issues in this area.