Park Information


Abuse and vandalism of your community and neighborhood parks and facilities is a serious problem.  Problems concerning vandalism can be costly and time-consuming to correct.  If you witness acts of vandalism or the results of such acts, please contact the Parks and Recreation Department at 642-6255, ext. 226, or the East Troy Police Department at 642-6251.  Have pride in your parks and facilities, and please show community support to prevent vandalism. THANK YOU!

ARCHERY RANGE - 2090 Energy Dr. - Click here for more information.

BOOTH LAKE MEMORIAL PARK Memorial Park is located at N8465 Townline Road.  The park includes a swimming beach, a bathhouse with toilet facilities,  sheltered picnic area and boat ramp with parking space.  During the summer months, concession services are offered.  Life guards are also on duty.
LYNNDALE PLAYGROUND Lynndale Playground (1879 Valley Dr.) is a small neighborhood park located off of Frontage Road.  The park occupies 0.3 acres of land and provides recreational facilities for pre-schoolers and elementary school students.  Facilities include a tire swing, baseball backstop, climbing apparatus, sand area and picnic tables.
MILL POND PARK- Mill Pond Park (2265 Hwy G) is located on the south side of the Village.  It has a small pond and a walking path. It consists of nearly 30 acres.  The pond provides exceptional fishing accessability.   
MITCHELL PARK Mitchell Park (1994 West St.) is located directly north and adjacent to the Amusement Park and extends all the way to Highway 20.  This area is being renovated with 3 new baseball/soccer fields.
PLAYMORE PARK - 3075 Graydon Ave. - a small neighborhood park of 0.75 acres.  The park serves the entire Village with it’s large play equipment area.  This handicap accessible park provides a recreational area for pre-schoolers and younger elementary school students.  Facilities provided include handicap swing, bounding and climbing apparatus, slides, picnic tables and a handicap accessible restroom.  The play equipment is placed on a rubberized safety surface to accommodate handicap accessibility.
PULLIAM NATURE AREAThis nature area is located north of Lynndale playground on the east side of Thomas Drive (1824 Thomas Dr.) and consists of 13.0 acres.This area can be used for hiking, cross country skiing and sledding.
TOM ROSSMILLER SPORTS COMPLEX - 3072 Graydon Ave. - is located on the west side of the Village and occupies 9.33 acres of land.  The park includes a grandstand, an athletic field for baseball and other activities, skate park, concession stands and storage structures.  The area opposite the grandstand is arranged as a lighted softball field.
VILLAGE SQUARE PARK- The Village Square Park (2881 Main St.) ccupies 0.75 acres of land.  The Square provides a green area and promotes the nostalgia of the rural community.  A 1929 bandstand houses’ toilet facilities and a drinking fountain for public use. The picnic tables and shade trees make the square suitable for relaxation.
WEST KETTLE NATURE AREA- This nature area is located on the west side of Thomas Drive (1825 Thomas Dr).



In response to interest shown by residents the Village has created a sponsorship program giving the opportunity for residents to dedicate a memorial bench or tree on the Village Square. This can be requested by completing and submitting the Sponsorship and Dedication Plaque forms along with the sponsorship fee to the Village Clerk’s office. For more information or if you have questions, please call 262-642-6255. This program is available for the fulfillment of this project.



East Troy Dog ParkIf you would like to make a donation, click here!

The East Troy dog exercise areas are open from sunrise to sunset.  There's a large dog area for dogs weighing 25 pounds or more and a small dog for those weighing less than 25 pounds.  The Park is located next to the Municipal Building at 2015 Energy Dr.

An attendant will not be on duty. Dog owners and handlers use the park at own risk and are legally & financially liable for injuries or damages caused by dog(s) under their care. 

All dogs must be legally licensed and vaccinated. Dogs are required to wear visible, municipal license & I.D. tags. 

Any dog exhibiting aggressive behavior must be removed from the park immediately. 

No more than 3 dogs are allowed per handler. Handlers shall have voice/control of their dog(s) at all times.

All visitors/handlers are responsible for removal and disposal of their dog's feces.

Puppies under 6 months of age and dogs in heat are not allowed. 

Dogs must be kept on 6ft. leash until inside the gated entry.  Please make sure gate is closed behind you after entering & exiting.

Handlers must have in their immediate possession a leash for each dog they are responsible for within the exercise area.

Children 12 years of age and under must be accompanied by an adult. 

Smoking, alcoholic beverages, food/treats (human or pet), dog chews, and rawhide are not allowed in the parks.

Handlers responsible for water.

Special thanks to the sponsor of the park, ETHS Key Club.  


Price ParkFor directions and details click here. Price Park offers two exercise areas and several trails, waste bags and collection containers.


Mukwonago Park- Located at S100 W31900 Cty. Hwy. LO, Mukwonago. For additional information click here or check them out on Facebook .