Parks & Recreation

The East Troy Parks and Recreation Department is committed to meeting current and future community needs by offering quality, safe and affordable programs, and by providing safe and aesthetically pleasing parks, open spaces, and natural resource preservation.

East Troy Parks & Recreation Department, 2015 Energy Dr., East Troy, WI 53120; Phone 262-642-6255, ext. 1469; Fax 262-642-6259; email

Office Hours:  Mon-Thur 8:00am-2:00pm (except for class times)

Vickie Muszynski - Director of Parks & Recreation

NON-RESIDENT POLICY - Fees charged for programs will be 50% more (to the nearest half dollar) than the resident rate for those wishing to participate in East Troy Recreation Programs. *Note a resident is someone who lives in the Village of East Troy, Town of East Troy or Town of Troy. 


The East Troy Parks and Recreation Department actively seeks and supports participation by persons with disabilities in recreational programs and services.  Please call us so that we will know how to serve you better. It is the policy of the East Troy Parks and Recreation Department that no person will be excluded from participation, denied any benefits, or subjected to discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, sex, religion, handicap, and/or disability.

NEW PROGRAM IDEAS - The Department is receptive to suggestions for organizing additional classes and activities other than those listed. Suggestions for new programs or improvements of existing programs should be presented to the Recreation Director 642-6255.

EMPLOYMENT - Persons interested in working for the Department should complete an employment application form. Openings for positions as swim instructors, officials, seasonal maintenance, and instructors for various instructional programs are usually filled from current applications on file.  Qualified applicants will be contacted for an interview as openings become available.

VOLUNTEER ASSISTANCE - Persons interested in serving as volunteers are encouraged to contact the recreation director to discuss how your services may be utilized, 642-6255. 

REFUND POLICY - 1. Refunds will be made upon request of a registered participant up until the date of the scheduled class.

2. A $5.00 service fee will be charged on any and all refunds requested by an individual.

3. In the event an activity a person signs up for is canceled, that person will have the option of accepting a full refund or transferring to another activity. 

CANCELLATIONS - 1. If school has been closed due to inclement weather, the recreation activity will also be canceled.

2. If poor weather conditions develop, every attempt will be made to reach a decision before the activity is scheduled to begin.  If in doubt report to the site.  Remember all sites are unique and activities may be conducted or modified.

3. Once at a program site, decisions concerning the cancellation or discontinuation of the activity will be in judgment of the site supervisor, leader or game official.

4. It is sometimes necessary to cancel an activity due to school-related functions. The Parks and Recreation Department works closely with the school district to avoid “short notice” cancellations.  Participants will be notified of cancellations as soon as we are made aware of them. Every attempt will be made to reschedule a canceled activity. Notification will be given to program participants. 

SPORTSMANSHIP & FAIR PLAY - All activities require a great deal of cooperation from everyone involved. Rules for all activities will be established and must be followed by all participants. For those participants who do not follow the rules, reprimands will be given in the first offense and the child may be asked to sit out of the activity that day. If there is a second offense, the child will be permanently removed for the remainder of the program. No fees will be refunded. 

SPECTATORS POLICY - In an effort to provide the best and safest environment for programs, we do not allow persons other than registered participants in the pool or classroom during instruction. 

Our instructors have found that parents and/or other children can cause distractions and interruptions in instruction. 

We also feel it is beneficial for your child to have recreation time with his/her peers, and for adults to have time in an adults-only atmosphere. 

AGE REQUIREMENT - For all programs, an age requirement will be as of date of the first class, unless otherwise specified. Please do not request to have your child put in a class he or she does not belong in.  All age requirements are set to benefit the children and make instruction more consistent for the program leader. In some instances, the requirements have been set for the child’s safety. 

CLASS T-SHIRTS - Participants who register late for classes may not be guaranteed a class t-shirt. The Parks & Recreation Department will make every effort to try to secure a shirt, but sometimes shirts are not in stock when placing the second order or the cost for making one shirt prohibits the department from ordering. Thank you for your understanding. 

REGISTRATION INFORMATION - Registration Begins Immediately!!!  Register online here. Or mail or drop your registration to: East Troy Parks & Recreation Department, 2015 Energy Dr., East Troy, WI 53120.  Or use the 24-Hour drop box located in the front of the building.

It is recommended that registration forms be returned in a timely manner. Some classes do have a limit and may be filled. Fill out registration forms completely and clearly. The waiver MUST be signed by an adult. 

MINIMUM ENROLLMENTS - Programs that have not met their minimum enrollment will be canceled. Notification will be made as soon as possible. In the event that the class is canceled each individual will receive a full refund.

NO ON SITE REGISTRATION - Instructors will not accept registration/payment at class site. All registration transactions must be completed at the Recreation Office prior to scheduled class. 

WAITING LISTS - If the class you want to register for is filled, you may be put on a waiting list. The Recreation Department will make every attempt to offer additional classes if a sufficient number of interested participants are on the waiting list. Persons on the waiting list will be called in order listed if class openings occur or if new classes are formed during the current season.