New Businesses, Change in Owner or Tenant, or Change in use of a Commercial Space

1. Contact Building Inspector to determine whether the zoning is appropriate for the type of business and if adequate on-site parking is available.

2. For those businesses that have terms and conditions imposed by the Plan Commission as part of the site plan/plan of operation review process the Building Inspector will determine whether the business has complied with all applicable terms and conditions prior to issuing an Occupancy Permit.

3. Complete the Non-Residential Occupancy Application and submit to Building Inspector.

4. Contact Building Inspector for ANY renovation/remodeling of buildouts, electric, plumbing, HVAC work or signage to determine appropriate permit(s) required. (Fees are based on scope of work)

    a. The Building Inspector will determine and direct applicant if any Plan Commission Approvals are necessary (such as a conditional use permit or site plan approval for a new building project, exterior modifications to an existing building, or façade/signage changes within the Downtown Design District).

5. Contact Building Inspector to schedule inspection for Occupancy Permit (see Municipal Fee Schedule)

    a. Occupancy Permit MUST be issued prior to opening of business

    b. For New Businesses located on Village-owned property (such as at the airport)

           i. The New Business Occupancy will be included on the agenda for the Village Board meeting for consideration of approval

           ii. Once approved by the Village Board the Building Inspector will issue the Occupancy Permit

6. When Occupancy Permit is issued the Administration office will be notified and will process the new business for:

    a. Inclusion in Business Directory

    b. Send Welcome letter, including explanation of Personal Property Taxes

    c. Update utility records if applicable

    d. Notify Police Department, Fire Department and Assessor of the new business

           i. Assessor will include on the Personal Property Tax Roll

           ii. Police Department will contact business for Key Holder information

           iii. Fire Department is responsible for fire inspection of the premises