Applications for Licensing & Permits

Municipal Fee and Building Permit Fee Schedules

Building Inspections and Permits

The Zoning Administrator is responsible for providing and approving applications and issuing various permits including:

  • Conditional Use Applications
  • Site Plan Applications
  • Temporary Use Applications
  • Sign Permit Applications
  • Variance Applications
  • Work in Public Right of Way Application
  • Zoning Permit Applications
  • and others

Zoning Permit applications are available under Zoning.

The Administration Office is responsible for processing various applications and issuing licenses and permits including, but not limited to:

  • Bartender (Operator's) License - Once the application is submitted it will be forward to the Police Department for the investigative check. The application then will be submitted to the Village Board for consideration. If the investigative check revealed any discrepancies the Village Board has the authority to deny the application. State law requires that applicants complete an approved responsible beverage server's course if they have not held a license or completed the course within the last two years.  Proof must be supplied with the application.  These courses are offered through various sources - you may check the Wisconsin Department of Revenue web site for information.
  • Cigarette License
  • Direct Seller License (Solicitors, Canvassers or Transient Merchants)
  • Dog License - ALL dogs in the Village of East Troy are required to be licensed.  There is no form to fill out but you must provide a current rabies certificate which includes the date, vaccine mfg. and serial number to obtain a license and evidence that the dog is neutered or spayed. Fees: $13.00 Neutered or Spayed Dog; $32.00 Non-Altered Dog. A late fee of $5.00 (Wisconsin Statutes 174.05) will be collected for dog owners who fail to obtain a license prior to April 1. For licenses obtained after July 1st for dogs that are 5 months old or older a fee of $6.50 for altered and $16.00 for unaltered apply. 
  • Liquor License - Liquor and Beer Licenses are required by State Statutes Chapter 125. The licenses are issued annually from July 1 to June 30. Forms include the Original Retail License, Renewal Retail License, Appointment of Agent, and Auxiliary Forms. These forms are available from the Wisconsin Department of Revenue or by contacting the Clerk's Office.

    Approval Process: Once the complete applications have been received and reviewed they are forwarded to the Police Department for any investigative checks required. Then the required publications are written and submitted to the East Troy Times. Premises inspections are required by both the Building Inspector and the Police Department. The application is then placed on the Village Board agenda for review and approval. The Village Board meets on the first and third Monday of each month. For additional information on requirements and qualifications for obtaining a liquor license, please see General Information for Obtaining an Alcohol Beverage License.

  • Overnight Parking Permit
  • Parade Application - Requirements: Completed application to be submitted at least 15 days before event. Certificate of liability insurance naming the Village of East Troy as an additional insured in amounts of not less than one million (1,000,000.00) dollars for one (1) person and one million (1,000,000.00) dollars for any one (1) accident.
  • Special Events Application - No person, firm, corporation, association, company or organization of any kind shall engage or participate in, conduct, exhibit, operate or maintain any special community event or activity, such as a circus, menagerie, street carnival, fireworks display, exhibition, contest or theatrical performance of any nature, whether or not admission is charged, upon any street, square, park or other public place or way within the Village unless a permit is obtained. Fees are based upon specific requirements of the event. 

    Approval Process: Basic applications include the Special Event Application, Special Event Fees and Special Events Tasks and these may be obtained by contacting the Clerk's Office. Completed applications should be submitted at least 45 days prior to the event. Completed applications and fees will be receipted at the Administration Offices and forwarded to the Police Department for any required investigative checks. If required a Certificate of liability insurance should also be submitted that meets the basic requirements set by the Village Board. Applications will be placed on the agenda for review and approval by the Village Board. The Village Board meets the first and third Mondays of the month. 


    Applications may also be picked up in person at the Village Clerk’s office between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM.  Check with the Clerk's office at 262-642-6255 if the license or permit you are looking for is not listed.