Public Works Department

The Department of Public Works is responsible for street and park maintenance with hours of 7 AM to 3:30 PM.  The department can be reached at (262) 642-6255, fax (262) 642-6259.

In case of an emergency after hours, call the Police Department at (262) 642-6250. 

 Jason Equitz   Director of Public Works & Utilities
Derek Gauger  Public Works

Anthony Weedon   

Public Works
Mike Mengel  Wastewater Lab Technician
Dennis Largent Public Works
 Steve Nelson  Water Operator
 Tom Pluess  Wastewater Plant Manager
 Chris Stencel  Public Works


DO NOT rake leaves or shovel snow into the street.  It is an unlawful practice and you may be ticketed.  (Ordinance 423.14). Additional snow in the streets cause build up problems for the plows, your neighbors and fire hydrants. 

The Village of East Troy does not collect leaves.  Leaves left in the street clog storm drains causing flooding and sewer back-ups.  Please keep this in mind should any drains near your home become covered or clogged.  Lend a hand and clear the way!  Thank you!

Demolition permits require proof of utility service disconnection.  Contact WE Energies at 262-574-6452 or 866-423-0364 to ensure a safe utility service disconnection.

Mission Statement

The mission for the East Troy Department of Public Works is to build a relationship with the community by means of education, protecting the environment and improving and maintaining our infrastructure. The Public Works Department is driven to provide a public service that is controlled by  cost effective measures to ensure the best quality of service in every aspect.