Our DPW staff are Salt Wise Certified
Our DPW staff are Salt Wise Certified!


Chloride (Salt) Reduction Information


The Village of East Troy is continuing its effort to reduce chlorides. The biggest culprit is water softeners and YOU CAN help! 


Chlorides discharged from water softeners end up at the Wastewater Treatment Plant. Chloride’s “salt” pass through the treatment process and are discharged to the Honey Creek. The WDNR establishes discharge limits for pollutants. Chloride is a pollutant when mixed with wastewater or ground water. This mixing forms a solution, once chlorides are a solution there is no economically feasible way of treating or removing the chloride from water. The discharge permit that the WWTP operates under is an interim effluent weekly average chloride limit of 482 mg/l, and a target value of 430 mg/l. Chloride discharge is reaching maximum levels. Chloride is not absorbed or degraded as it moves through the ground, so we cannot rely on natural means of reduction. We are uncapable of removing chloride at the WWTP. Treating for chlorides would require exotic treatment technologies that are extremely cost prohibitive; therefore, the only feasible way to reduce chlorides discharged from the treatment plant is to reduce the amount of chlorides sent down the sewer.


What needs to be done:

  • Homeowners need to review their softener settings.  Older and less expensive softeners regenerate on a  schedule set by a timer.  More efficient softeners (“on-demand”) have flow meters or hardness sensors and regenerate only after the proper amount of water use so they don’t waste salt
  • Use settings for a reasonable level of softening, not the maximum, and have the controls calibrated periodically (21 grains for the Village of East Troy)
  • Industries need to make reductions of chloride in products used for daily operations
  • Do not over-treat sidewalks when deicing

See our brochure for more information!

We will all benefit with:
  •       Saving the quality of our water

  •       Saving money on softener salt

  •       Saving money on energy

  •       Saving money by avoiding significant State fines

  •       Saving money by avoiding costly changes to our WWTP



If you are replacing a water softener or installing a new one consider an "on demand" system!
The Village of East Troy is offering a $100 rebate!

The Village of East Troy $100 Rebate program will be offered for a limited time for purchasing an "on demand" water softener. We require the submittal of the plumbing permit, inspection report from the Village of East Troy and a copy of your paid receipt of installation.  For further information contact Jason Equitz, Director of Public Works at 262-642-6255. 

Working together we can make the reduction in chlorides happen! Please visit for more information on how you can help to reduce chloride in our water.